Types of Zxtech CCTV Security Cameras & Specifications

Zxtech Offers 3 main categories of security camera systems: Wireless, IP and Analog camera systems. Each of the type comes with very different specs. Wireless security cameras are good for decluttering. IP security camera comes with the highest resolutions and frame rates. While Analog cameras are good for cost efficiency.

Wireless Camera System

At Zxtech, we understand that you wouldn’t want to run cables through the wall. It’s a big hassle and it does not make your house look nice. We design Zxtech long range wireless cameras and recorders for you to avoid the cabling. You are free to place Zxtech wireless recorder in any room. Unless your house is as big as Buckingham palace, your wireless cameras and recorder will connect automatically, continuously and smoothly. Wireless system is part of IP system family, ultimately it comes with all the benefits of IP system with the additional wireless feature.

Benefits of choosing wireless cameras

  • De-cluttering.
  • Minimum installation effort.
  • Part of IP camera family with most of its benefit.
Zxtech Wireless Camera System

IP Camera System

When it comes to IP, resolution really has no limitation. IP cameras can achieve superb ultra high definition and high frame rate that other type of system cannot match. Zxtech has always been the pioneer of the high end IP camera systems. With resolution up to 4K and 12 Megapixel, Zxtech IP cameras stays at the edge of the security frontier. Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems are extremely easy to install and setup. So all Zxtech IP cameras comes with integrated PoE Ports. You can simply connect and power up the camera by single ethernet cable without any other accessories. Cabling doesn’t get any easier. 

Benefits of choosing IP cameras

  • Highest picture quality possible.
  • Camera powers up through a network cable.
  • Every camera is like a stand alone computer for extensive configuration.
Zxtech IP Camera System

Analog Camera System

Wherever you go, analog CCTV systems are still extremely common and popular. Analog system represents the easiest form of setup and it costs much less than other types of system. Some houses may already have the analog cabling fitted by previous occupants. Zxech wants to provide options to leverage all those advantages and finding ways to breakout from analog limitation of 1080N resolution. So we made Zxtech 5 Megapixel and 4K UHD Analog CCTV Camera systems for you to enjoy the true pug and play experience.

Benefits of choosing wireless cameras

  • Very Cost efficiency.
  • Good for extending an esisitng analog infrastructure.
  • Literally plug the cable and play the video.
Zxtech Analog Camera System