About Zxtech - UK's Premium Home Security Brand

The High End Home Security: Zxtech strives to be the premium British brand dedicated for home security system. While home safety is at the core of every family, Zxtech is the brand that every family can rely on. By leveraging the latest technology, our camera system captures security footage at 5MP, 8MP Ultra HD 4K and 12MP resolutions.

Install 4K Wireless Zxtech Camera on the wall

Great Value for Money: While zxtech camera system comes with very high specs. We committed to bring value for money to our customers. Our price is very competitive even when compare with far East manufacturers and Brands. For example, Zxtech 5 megapixel security camera will cost you as much as a decent 2 megapixel high-end third party brand. 

Plug and Play: At Zxtech, we understand that our customers must be able to setup up the whole system as easy and simple as setting up a new phone. So our systems are designed with minimalist in mind. Every system we offer are plug and play. Wired system will work straight away by connecting the camera and recorder with a single camera. Wireless system will work by the automatic search and connect function. Some of Zxtech cameras comes with internal SD card storage which can work stand alone.

Plenty of Choice: Every home is different. We understand some prefer a Wireless camera system, some may prefer IP camera system, others may prefer a traditional analog camera system. We offer all those systems. If you want to know more, click here to find out which security system is most suitable for your home.

Stripping out Any Confusion: Reading camera spec can be confusing and overwhelming. Informations such as chipset, material, night vision, lens, angels. Zxtech don’t want you to worry about that. All our camera system comes with premium Sony Chip, enhanced nigh vision, anti-vandal and waterproof metallic casing and proper wide angle lens. So, after choosing the system type; all you need to decide is how many cameras to get.

Remote Access: We don’t store any of you data in the cloud like some of the smart home devices. We think it’s not 100% secure. However We believe any modern security system needs to be accessible. Regardless of which mobile or desktop system you use. What mobile devise you have, there will be an app we built for you to access the camera system end to end, anytime, anywhere.

Reliable Profession Support: People always doubt their own ability to setup the system before buying a security system. With Zxtech, we assure that every system are made for everyone to setup even by themselves. Even if you have difficulty on the setup, we offer after sale telephone support EU-wide. When you decide to buy a Zxtech camera system, you are buying with Peace of Mind.

Last Word: Last but not least, there are many partners we work with in Europe. For example, we distributes our product through Domar Solutions Ltd in the UK and MZX Global on the continent. The partner we choose all have proven track of great customer service. Buying from our partners are also a great choice.